June 18, 2021

Wired has published a short story about the world’s largest painting, a work titled The World’s Most Amazing Painting. 

The work is by Brazilian artist Pedro de la Cosa, whose previous work was on display at the San Francisco Art Museum. 

De la Casa is best known for his work on large canvases, which he calls “sculptures of the mind,” and also for his large-scale sculptures in the San Jose Museum of Modern Art and at the American Museum of Natural History. 

In the story, the artworks are described as being “a kind of canvas of the brain, the mind, and the body.” 

“It’s a giant painting, and it’s a painting that has nothing to do with art in the traditional sense,” De la Caca told Wired.

“It’s just a painting.” 

De La Caca was commissioned by the San Diego Museum of Art in 2012 to create a massive, one-of-a-kind painting, the first in the country to be commissioned by an art gallery. 

He told Wired that the artwork was created in the hopes of bringing the “beauty” of art to the “painting industry.”

“The art, if you will, of the human body and the brain is being transformed into something that’s completely human,” De La Cosa said.

“The body is being changed into something like a painting.

That’s the reason I created the artwork, to show that you can change the body and that you’re changing the brain.”

The story follows the painting’s life on display in the world-famous San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts.

It also explains the nature of the art’s title. 

“The artwork is called ‘The world’s most amazing painting,’ and it has everything in it,” the story reads.

“This piece was commissioned and created by Pedro de La Casa, and he wanted to create an artwork that was a masterpiece in its own right.” 

The artworks’ design and color palette is based on De la Sosa’s own art.

De la Capas artworks were created by applying chemicals to clay, and they were made to be displayed in the art museum’s collection, according to Wired. 

As Wired points out, the artwork isn’t the largest painting in the museum, but it’s one of the most monumental. 

Wired also explains why De la Casas artwork is a “masterpiece.”

“It is so large, so enormous, that it’s the largest artwork in the entire museum.

There’s not one piece in the gallery of the world that is bigger,” Dela Caba told Wired in the story.

“That’s why it’s so big.

I can’t even count how many pieces of art in there that are bigger than the canvas that I’m painting.

And there are many of them.”