June 11, 2021

By RICK HARRIS and ROBERT BERRYThe global eagle industry, which includes Happy Face, will have a major shakeup next year, according to a company executive.

The global entertainment giant has been trying to get its movies out there, especially in Asia and the Middle East, but now the company is focusing on the digital distribution of movies and TV shows in China.

The company is looking to start a new business in China, said the executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the company’s plans.

The reshuffle is likely to come after a year in which Happy Face had struggled to get out its movies, especially its comedy and adventure movies, and its family entertainment line.

The entertainment giant was trying to expand its business into China by buying movie studio Shanghai Disney, which it owns and which produced its “Happy Face” series.

Happy Face was also planning to open a new branch in Beijing.

That plan was scrapped after Chinese regulators told Disney to stop expanding its film studio in Shanghai and the company was forced to cancel plans for a new Chinese branch in Shanghai.