July 25, 2021

Nintendo Australia has announced that all new Nintendo hardware and apps will be arriving in Australia on April 1st.

The company has also announced that the game and app stores will open on April 14th.

The official release date for the new hardware and applications is March 31st.

The company also said that Nintendo will be releasing a new digital platform called “The Nintendo Showcase”, where fans can check out all of their favourites, including the latest releases and upcoming games. 

The “Nintendo Showcase” platform will launch alongside Nintendo’s next console, the Nintendo Switch, which will launch on November 2nd. 

In addition to the new content and apps, Nintendo Australia also has a number of new events scheduled. 

On March 30, Nintendo will host a series of “Nintendo Live” events that will be streamed online via the Nintendo Channel. 

And on April 10, Nintendo and Fox Entertainment will host an event to show off the latest titles for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Nintendo Australia’s online content and services have been expanded by up to 70 per cent, bringing the number of games available to all Australians. 

As well as the new products, Nintendo also announced that it will be making a number of hardware and technology upgrades to existing and future systems. 

For example, the company said it will make improvements to the power supply and audio components to make them more efficient, while also adding new features to Nintendo’s GamePad. 

Other new hardware is expected to arrive in Australia in April. 

According to the company, all new hardware, software and accessories will be priced at $99.99, which is slightly cheaper than the current Nintendo Switch. 

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