July 16, 2021

News headlinesNews headlinesAugust 05, 2018 05:53:47Philippines: Movie theaters want to extend their operations in the PhilippinesThe Philippine Film and Television Industry (PGTI) has urged the Philippine Film Industry Board (PFIB) to expand its operations in a bid to improve quality of its films.

The Philippine National Film Industry Association (PNFIAA) and the Philippine National Screen Industry Association have submitted a proposal to the PFIB for expansion of their joint venture, according to PTFIA President, Joel D’Cruz.

The association has been lobbying for the expansion of the PTFIAA, since the film industry in the Republic of the Philippines (ROTP) is currently suffering from the effects of climate change and the economic slowdown.PTFIADA president, D’Souza, said in a statement on Thursday that the Philippine film industry is facing a number of challenges, especially in the tourism sector.

He also said that the ROTP was suffering from an economic downturn and had to be diversified to attract and retain new talent.

“The ROTPS has to be a place where young people can come to learn the craft, which is a great benefit to our industry.

We also want to diversify and expand our films and TV shows and movies into other media and entertainment categories,” D’Stouza said.

He added that the expansion should not only bring in more local talent, but also boost the RotP’s brand image.

“We have a huge fan base, and they are loyal and love our films.

They will also watch them on our TV channels, which are our mainstay of distribution.

We will do our best to make sure that their interest in the films is not lost in our movies,” D ‘Souz said.

D’Soula also said the Philippine Movie Industry Association is in the process of gathering input from the stakeholders, and that they would work with the PTAB on the issue.

In a separate development, Philippine Entertainment Group Inc. (PEGI), one of the major movie chains in the Rotiyan province of the country, has said it will extend its operations to the city of Quezon City.PEGIF’s President, Cesar Sotto, said the expansion will provide a greater exposure for the company’s films.PPGI currently operates two theaters in Quezon, but has already extended its operations beyond that.

It plans to expand into three theaters in the province.

According to Sotto in a press conference on Thursday, PEGI intends to expand the number of its theaters from seven to 12 in Quezzon.

He also said there would be more outlets at the local level.

Sotto said he hoped that PEGIs movies could be viewed on TV and that its TV channels would have a presence in the region.

Pegi also announced that it will launch a new channel on the internet.

Pega has launched a website that will allow customers to search for local films and television shows.

PEGi has also started a social media campaign, which has received over 1 million likes.

In response to the expansion proposal, Quezon Mayor Jose Antonio Vargas said that Quezon should remain a center for the Filipino film industry, especially if they want to have a better future.

“If they want more, then we need to work together.

They should make sure we don’t become another province, we should continue to be the home of the Filipino movie industry,” Vargas told reporters on Thursday.

Pag-a-lago has also voiced its support for the film business, and said that if the Rota plan is adopted, the province would be a viable location for the industry.

In the past, PAG-a/lago was considered one of Manila’s most promising sectors, attracting some of the brightest young talents in the city.

The city is also home to some of its most popular cinemas, such as the iconic Plaza Cinemas, which was the first cinema to open in the capital.

But in the past year, the movie industry has faced a number issues, including the economic downturn that began in 2016, which saw the closure of several cinemas.

The recent closure of the Cinema 1 in Querao also affected the business in the area.

The Queraon Cinemas also shut down earlier this year.