July 23, 2021

The Australian company behind the popular Spyglass music streaming app has announced it is to become a global online music provider.

The new deal is worth $4.5 billion and will see it join Spotify, Rdio, Rdplay and others in the market for global talent.

The announcement is a big deal for Australian business and technology, with it becoming the second major music streaming platform to sign a deal with a global media organisation.

The announcement comes after the launch of its first Australian-branded streaming service, called Binge on.

While the terms of the deal are confidential, the new deal will allow the company to become more like Spotify, which has signed deals with more than 20 countries including the US, the UK, Germany and Italy.

The news comes just days after the Australian government announced it was making a push for Spotify to expand its international business.

In a statement, Spotify said it was excited to announce this new partnership and was committed to being a global music destination.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Binge On to deliver a great music experience for Australian audiences,” it said.

“Binge on is an innovative, innovative service that will bring the best of streaming and music to more people around the world.”

The company said it would also be adding more music to the platform in the future.

“Spotify has been an integral part of our music experience since day one,” the company said.

“Spotify will continue to build out its international reach and bring its international artists and artists fans closer together.”

Our new partnership with Bidgeon is an exciting development for Spotify and we look forward to working with Bogleon in the years to come.

“Binge On is a subscription service that gives listeners access to more than 3 million tracks of music from over 30 music streaming services.