July 28, 2021

Entertainment Wall Units hit a new milestone on Monday, with a record $3.6 million in revenue.

The Oak Entertainment and Arts Center, a $4 billion complex on the west side of downtown Oakland, has seen its revenue hit an all-time high.

The $3 million in new revenue came from 2,836 screens that opened, according to a press release from Oak.

The previous record was set in December of 2014 with 1,971 screens.

The previous record came in December, when 1,831 screens were opened.

Oak has been working on its entertainment wall since 2011.

The first floor has screens that are 50 feet tall and 70 feet wide.

The second floor is 60 feet tall.

The third floor is 40 feet tall with 70 feet of screens.

The fourth floor is a 40 foot tall screen with 80 feet of TVs.

The fourth floor has a 40-foot tall screen that is 75 feet wide with a 40 feet of TV.

Oak hopes to eventually expand the complex to include more screens.

Oak expects to have a full slate of new shows for its entertainment walls by the end of the year.