August 17, 2021

The Caesar Entertainment Co. plans to close its large entertainment complex at the Grand River Casino in Louisville, the company announced Monday.

Caesares will close the complex after 20 years of operation, according to the company.

The closing will create the biggest single loss in the Caesari family’s history.

The company also said it would sell its remaining assets.

Caessars Entertainment Co., owned by Caesaries Entertainment Group, has been in bankruptcy court for nearly a year.

It had about $40 million in assets.

The Caessar entertainment complex, built in 1963, is a five-story, 4,500-square-foot entertainment center.

The casino, which opened in 2007, is one of the oldest in Kentucky.

The property includes a bowling alley, arcade, a music club, a theater, a video arcade and an outdoor concert hall.

Causses Entertainment Group operates Caesaris Grand River in a $1.3 billion complex.

The Las Vegas-based company has operated Caesairs Grand River for 30 years.

It has a history of building casinos, hotels and condominiums in Louisville.

Causars is based in Indianapolis, where it also owns Caesartown Resort & Casino and a $50 million amusement park.

The news of the closing comes as Caesarks bankruptcy filing is expected to be completed this week.