August 30, 2021

The internet has been abuzz with rumors of the next big thing from Klei Entertainment, the Finnish company that makes video games for PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices.

KLEIs latest games have not gone down well with some gamers.

But what if they had a video game for the iPhone?

And what if there was an app that lets you play games on your iPhone?

What if we made the game for an iPhone?

What if we could do it on an iPhone, right?

That’s what the company, Klei Games, is working on right now.

They are currently working on a game called ‘KLEI Game Boy,’ and according to the description on their website, it’s a “completely original take on video game mechanics.”

What if a video gamer could play games?

This is what the game looks like right now, with the KLEi logo and a video on the side of the screen.

The game itself is about playing video games, but this is where the fun begins.

You can take control of your character, control the camera and move your camera.

In the video above, you can see the gameplay with the controls you’d get if you were controlling a character on a video-game console.

Klei Games says that it is using a combination of the iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

It’s not clear how many players are using the game right now but they are already on Kickstarter.

What does it cost to play?

If you can’t afford a $299 game, you get to pick the platform.

That’s the only option available right now and it will be priced at $99.99 at launch.

The developer is also offering a limited edition of the game that comes with the game, but there is no word on when it will release.

You can buy the game on Kickstarter right now for $19.99.

But there is also a limited version available for $49.99 which is more than double the price of the original $29.99 version.