August 11, 2021

on social media article You may not be able to read the headline but the headline is there.

The content of the article is what matters.

Here are some tips to write your news article effectively on social platforms.


Avoid repetition, repetition is a killer, write the exact same story over and over again.

If you repeat the same content over and the article doesn’t get read, you’re doomed to repeat the article.


Write the headline with as much passion as you can muster.

The headline should be an emotional punch line, it should be a story that’s a culmination of your story, not the first thing that comes to mind.


Avoid jargon and try to avoid writing about things that aren’t even on the news, such as politics or celebrities.


If the story is about an event or event, be sure to include the full text of the event.

If it’s about the business of your business, use the full name of the company.


If possible, include an event and an event description.


When you write your story try to make sure you have at least one picture to show.

A photo of the product or product line is ideal.

If there’s no one to show you, it may look like a photo of a business partner.


If your article has a disclaimer, try to write it as if it’s your first article.

The disclaimer should be in the title, as well as a paragraph that explains why it’s important.


If this is your first time writing a news story on social, use your real name or a pseudonym to avoid being found out.

The person who wrote this article was very polite and respectful.


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