August 8, 2021

The NBA is in talks with Microsoft about expanding its NBA TV platform to include its own streaming service, NBC Sports’ David Grann reports. 

The talks are being led by NBA Vice President of Content Michele Cohen. 

The deal is believed to be for a “multi-year” agreement, though it is unclear whether the NBA would be part of the negotiations. 

In a memo to employees, Microsoft said it was interested in expanding the NBA TV product and would look at all possible options for the platform. 

“The NBA is an iconic brand with an unparalleled fan base and is a leader in the digital and digital-only world,” the memo said.

“As part of this partnership, the NBA will continue to invest in its existing and future programming, with a focus on content and experiences that engage fans, and create lifelong engagement.” 

The memo went on to say that Microsoft’s efforts to create a platform that “allows users to discover, watch and interact with the NBA content they love” “will allow the NBA to be the most engaging, relevant and comprehensive media destination on the Internet for fans.”

The memo also mentioned a partnership between Microsoft and Comcast that would allow fans to stream NBA games from Comcast’s new NBC Sports Go service. 

With the deal, Comcast is reportedly paying $2.5 billion for a 33 percent stake in the NBA. 

Earlier this month, Comcast also announced a deal with AT&T to offer the NBA’s digital content for the first time in 2019.