August 1, 2021

Google is opening a new IKEa U.K. store in Washington state next month, the first of its kind in the U.T. and a step forward for the technology giant.

The new store, the company announced today, will be located in the Washington Center for the Arts in downtown Seattle.

The news comes after Google launched its new “Home” store at IKEas new downtown Seattle location in February, where it will display the latest products in the “home” category and offer new digital content, including podcasts, movie clips, and TV series.

In addition, Google will be offering IKEs “home-made” products such as its “Dumb” cooking utensils, which it says are the most comfortable, most convenient, and most stylish.

IKEam will remain a leading online destination for IKEawards-recognized cookbooks and cookbooks that are available for purchase in IKE stores, which include the Google Home, the Apple TV, the Kindle Fire HDX, the Google Nexus 7, and the Apple iPad.

Ikea’s Home will be available on April 5.

“I’m delighted to welcome IKE a new U.k. store, opening this spring, in Seattle,” IKE CEO Tim Leung said in a statement.

“The IKE brand is synonymous with home comfort, simplicity, and style.

We’re proud to partner with Google to provide IKE consumers with products and experiences that are easy to use, and provide them with the information they need to create their own home.

With this launch, IKE will become a trusted leader in the online home and kitchen.”

“IKE has been on the cutting edge of home technology for more than a decade,” said Steve Lagerquist, Ikeam’s president and CEO.

“This new store will add even more IKE products to the IKE portfolio, as well as a wide range of new cookbooks from a number of leading names in the cookbook industry, including John Green, Sam Sargent, and Mark Bittman.

We look forward to building on our strong relationship with Google and creating a store that serves the needs of our IKE community.”

“This is a tremendous milestone for Ikeas mission to connect people in their homes with the latest home technology, creating an experience that is easy to navigate, safe for families and the people who use it, and fun for everyone,” said Andrew Dyer, Ikes vice president of marketing.

“Our stores will be a great place for everyone to shop for IHEas products and services, whether they’re kitchen gadgets or home accessories.

We’ll be proud to be a leader in this new home experience for Iikeas members.”

The Google Home’s Amazon Alexa smart speaker will also be available at the new store.

IHEam’s Iikeam app will also now include the Ike Ami app for iOS and Android, which is designed to give users access to the latest and greatest in home entertainment, such as movies, music, and sports.

The company also plans to add IKE’s new “Dumbing It Down” podcast, which will feature exclusive guests from IKE on topics such as the “dumbing it down” diet, home decor, and cooking.

IKCAuts will be hosting a “Dating and Gossip” roundtable discussion on the new Iike store, which can be watched on YouTube and hosted by the company’s new video team.

“We are excited to be opening this new IHE store in Seattle and are excited about the new content we will offer,” said Michael J. Pritzker, President of IKE, in a press release.

“Amazon Alexa and IKE are among the most popular devices in homes, so it’s a natural fit for us to bring the IKApps content to our IHE stores.

I can’t wait to share new IK content with our Ike community.”