September 27, 2021

GY entertainment artists Chernin and GY, GYR entertainment artists are set to star in a new musical called The Music of Chernin.

The musical, titled The Music and the Music, will premiere at the Downtown Arts Centre on Sept. 11.

The show features performances from GY performers, including Chernin who will be joined by his band The Dukes of the Blue Ridge.

The music is produced by a group of musicians from around the world including singer-songwriter Cheron Covington, singer-bassist Chris McQuillan, pianist/keyboardist Nicky Spiro and keyboardist/singer/bassist Ben Hennig.

The duo has previously performed with the National Opera in Ottawa.

The band’s website describes it as an “influential musical family musical” that “features songs from Cheron’s upcoming memoir The GY Tour, songs from GYR’s upcoming album The GYR Project, songs that have inspired the band’s music, and more.”

In a press release announcing the show, Cheron and GYR wrote, “We are thrilled to announce that the musical is the first musical to feature Cheron as the lead character.

The musical is set to premiere at The Arts Centre Sept. 10, 2017.

We look forward to celebrating with all our fellow GY fans at the Arts Centre as well as supporting the Downtown Toronto Arts District.”

The musical is scheduled to premiere on CBC Toronto’s Music Central, CBC Radio One and the CBC Radio Two digital platforms.

The Downtown Arts Council of Toronto is one of several groups that have launched a campaign called The Gyr Tour to encourage people to participate in the musical, which is a project that has been running for more than a year and aims to raise awareness about the musical’s history and musical talent.

The group hopes to raise $20,000 for the musical.