September 16, 2021

In what could be a first for a TV series, a new television show based on a book is set to debut on RTE in 2019.

The new series, The Bear, is described as a “wild bear story told from the point of view of an outsider”, and follows the adventures of a “troubled bear”.

In the new series a bear has “fought off the forces of darkness” and found its way into the “heart of the heartland” of the UK, with the title being a nod to the film version of The Bear.

“It’s a show about a bear, a bear who doesn’t have a choice, who’s not really allowed to do much,” said co-creator and producer, Paul Murphy.

“It’s also about the power of friendship, the power to stand up for yourself, the strength of family, and the power that lies in the bond of family.”

We hope that the series will be a very different story to the original, but the same story told with a very British twist.

“It will also see the return of the iconic Bear and the famous polar bear who were introduced in the original book, the BBC’s Bear and His Pack, by David Nutt.

The Bear will be available in both digital and hardback editions and be available to stream on RTV.

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