September 25, 2021

There are four Italian teams in Serie B. They are AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma and Lazio.

Each has a squad of 12 players.

In the current campaign, only Inter have a squad larger than the next team.

One of the biggest advantages of being a lower division is the availability of younger players.

That means the competition is harder for the younger players and their development.

Lazio are the first team in the lower divisions to have a full team of 24-year-old Italian players.

For them, it is a dream to play in the top league.

“There are three main things we need to improve in order to be competitive in the next season.

Firstly, we need more pace,” Lazio’s sporting director Giancarlo Pernetti said.

“We have to be more direct, more clinical.

Secondly, we have to score more goals.

The third thing is that we need better possession of the ball.

Lazios players have the potential to play great football.”

Inter Milan’s players have always been able to do both.

Pernett said that he is hoping that his team will make the most of their attacking players, which include Alessandro Florenzi, Gianluca Pisanelli and Gennaro Gattuso.

“This is the biggest challenge we have had this season,” he said. 

“I have seen Gattuseso, Pisaneli and Florenisi.

They all score goals and have great attributes. 

The second problem is that Inter Milan have no great attacking players and are struggling in the midfield.

We need a midfielder who can create something for the other midfielders.”

Pernetta also revealed that the team is currently looking at the possibility of signing an attacking midfielder.

He said that it is possible to sign a new player, but that the player has to be at the level of a player like Cristian Rodriguez, who scored 23 goals last season.

“I am sure that in the future, I can speak to other clubs, but I will be looking for a player that can help us, especially as we have a lot of young players.” 

Pernett also spoke about the importance of winning.

“The game is the most important thing.

I think we have played the best football we have this season.

The way we have won this season is not easy to explain.

I know the manager (Marca).

He has a very strong team spirit, and we have done everything possible.

It is not a coincidence that we won the league and Europa League.” 

Inter Milan have also been able, however, to put the pressure on Lazio in the Champions League.

“Lazio were not in the group stage,” Pernet said.

 “The group stages are always difficult for a team to reach, because of the lack of players and because of injuries.

The pressure of winning the league is very important for a club.

We also have the league, so we have the chance to show what we are capable of. “

But we had a great season, the Europa League was a huge step.

We know that this season will be very tough. “

Our goal is to win the Champions Leagues and the Europa Leagues.

We know that this season will be very tough.

We have a good chance to do so.” 

 Lazios manager Adriano Galliani also spoke.

“Every team has their goals and they have their weaknesses.

If we are good enough to win all four, we can have a really good season,” Galliani said.