October 28, 2021

The next big thing for players of Evo, Evo Evo 2018, is a new game mode called “The Arena”.

It’s basically the same gameplay as Evo’s traditional “Rival Mode” which was announced at Gamescom 2017, but it’s not limited to any single game mode.

Instead, The Arena is a single-player game mode that can be played by players of all types and abilities, and it offers a lot of new and interesting features. 

There’s a ton of stuff to get into, so I’ll walk through a couple of the highlights. 

What’s The Arena?

The arena is a completely new experience, as it is the third and final mode in Evolutv’s Evo series.

Like Evo 2, The Arenas are two different game modes.

The Arena can be entered as a single game, or multiple times. 

The first is the standard arena, with a timer that runs continuously and can be set to random, or to match the timer.

In the arena, players can set up their own personal “lobby”, which is basically a circle of space that is filled with the “players”.

In the lobby, the player can choose from a variety of different strategies, such as “taunting”, “pushing”, or “bait and switch”.

The strategy is then selected from a set of available actions.

The player then has a brief window to decide whether they want to try any of these strategies, or not. 

As players fight to gain control of the arena and gain control over the lobby itself, they can try to win the arena by using different strategies.

The arenas “reserve” points for each player in the lobby.

The more points that are allocated to a player, the more points they get to keep playing the arena.

The amount of points that a player can earn is determined by a “reservation”.

In other words, a player who loses two points in the arena will be forced to use the other players’ reserves to win. 

If a player wants to stay in the “reservations”, they can use an additional feature called “trades”.

When a player makes a trade, they may not be able to make more than one trade per round, but can use the rest of their reserve points to buy items. 

Once a player has enough reserves, they will have the option to “reinforce” the arena with new players.

This is a similar concept to what is seen in Evoland, but the difference is that the player that wins an arena battle will receive a “reinsurance” from their opponents.

This will grant them a chance to win more arena battles. 

When a player is “reinfested”, the arena is filled to the brim with new people, and the timer will start counting down.

The timer starts counting down after 30 seconds, and will continue to count down after that.

Once the timer reaches zero, the timer stops. 

For a player to win, they need to be in the reserve area of the lobby at least twice, which can only be done once per arena.

When a character is “in reserve”, they will be locked into the arena for a certain amount of time, which will either increase or decrease the time in which they can earn more points. 

While in reserve, a character cannot take any actions that could be detrimental to the game. 

During an arena match, a “trading” will be taking place, where the player will have to decide how to react to the situation that’s been set up.

The “trader” can use any of the tactics outlined above, and they will then decide whether to “trade” or not (see the video for a detailed breakdown of how to choose between them).

The player that is in reserve will be able choose to “trash” their reserve by moving all the items they’ve purchased into their inventory and placing them on the trash pile.

This “trashing” can be done either by placing the item on the floor, or by placing it in the middle of the floor.

If the player does not “tray” the item, they are forced to return it to their inventory. 

After the player has “trashed” their reserves, a new round of arena battles will begin.

In arena battles, players will be placed in a similar manner to the main arena battle, but they will also have the choice of playing the “taunt” or “counter-taunt”.

Trades in arena battles can only occur between players that are currently in the same arena as each other.

Trades can only take place within the same “reserved” area as the “traders”. 

Once the player’s “traded” has been completed, the arena timer will stop counting down and the arena battles begin. 

All the players that have been “in reserves” will