October 20, 2021

rustic amusement center and entertainment center in south central Iowa will close on May 1st.

The entertainment center and garage was built in 1894, and it was renovated in 2012.

The rustic center was the first in south western Iowa to offer a movie theatre.

Its located in the town of West Des Moines.

It has five movie theaters, a theater, two indoor theater, a small dance floor, a dance studio, a stage, a restaurant and an outdoor terrace.

Located in the northwest corner of the amusement center, the entertainment center was designed by the renowned architectural firm of Beaux Arts, and features an extensive outdoor deck.

One of the main attractions is the new indoor stage that is being built for the Cedar Rapids-based company, Cedar Point Entertainment.

In 2017, Cedar Rapids hosted the U.S. National Grand Prix and the annual World Cup of Roller Coasters.

At the time, the Cedar Falls area had the highest number of people per capita in the nation, at 4,800 people per day.

Cedar Point Entertainment is a subsidiary of Cedar Point Corporation.