November 1, 2021

Bloomberg – The search giant is taking a cue from Apple Music, which is now one of the top music services, and it wants to make its music service more appealing to those who are still on Apple Music’s platform.

The company, which said it is launching a “new and improved” Google Play Music service in the coming months, is offering a “better, more personalized experience for people who want to listen to their favorite music without leaving Apple Music.”

Google Play Music offers a new music player called Google Play Movies and TV and an improved Google Play News and more.

It also offers a better search interface and a new set of playlists that are customizable.

The search giant says Google Play will continue to provide a more personalized search experience for music and movies.

It’s unclear whether Google Play could be a rival to Apple’s Music.

Apple Music is one of many services offered by Apple.

Google Play’s new music service will include an expanded collection of Google Play Play Movies, Google Play TV and Google Play Books, as well as a new curated library of music videos.

Google Play now has over 6,500 movies and television shows.