November 1, 2021

American Airlines is working to bring more than one style to its flight attendants.

American Airlines announced Tuesday that it has hired a new color consultant to help design a new airline uniform.

The new color, which is not yet ready for production, will be available as an accessory or as a pre-order on the airline’s website.

American says it is using the color to emphasize the airline family, with blue representing the “family of color” and black representing the more diverse airline family.

The airline says the new color will be a more “family friendly” alternative to the usual black and white uniforms.

The uniform will be “made with high-quality materials, including an all-over print for comfort,” according to American.

It will be designed by an associate of the company’s design department, who also has worked on uniforms for Disney, the Walt Disney Company and other businesses.

The color will also include a white stripe for the “black and blue” look.

American will offer a “family-friendly” version of the uniform as well.

American is also introducing a new version of its “Blue and Gold” tie that features a lighter shade of blue.